The Reciprocal Research: A Guidebook to Centering Community in Partnerships with Indigenous Nations should be used as part of a larger effort to support planning for and reflecting on research partnerships. It can be used individually, in a community of scholars or within a graduate level course.

The Reciprocal Research Guidebook provides a narrow cross section of potential scenarios and thought-provoking activities to support researchers in developing robust partnerships. It is important not to assume that all tribes have the same experiences with, and interest in, research partnerships. It is damaging to to view this guide as providing all-encompassing knowledge for working with Native American tribal governments and communities.

Additional Information

This guide was developed and made possible by support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food Agriculture (2020-07133 and 2018-47002-28637) and the National Science Foundation (BCS-1934346).

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Reciprocal Research Guidebook Partners

The guide was also made possible through partnerships with the:

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